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Paul Georg Wagner, Rene Pickhardt and Till Speicher

We are Paul Georg Wagner and Till Speicher, two German highschool students from Darmstadt and Saarbrücken. We got to know each other during a DSA (Deutsche Schülerakademie) camp in Schulpforte last summer.

There we had the idea of developing a project together in a meeting about Deutsche Studienstiftung lead by our advisor René Pickhardt. He told us we could participate in the Jugend Forscht competition with it and also brought up the idea for the subject of our work:
During his abidance in China, René used a system to boost typing speed in Chinese and he wanted a similar system for other languages. He currently works on his doctorate about social networks for which he uses the graph databse Neo4j so he thought we could try out the possibilities of this new technology in order to make typing faster. René then became the advisor for our project.

We started coding in November 2011 and have built a system wich already produces good results. But the development is still in an early stage, there is a lot of space left for further improvements and we will now focus on making it more stable and usable.

In Summer 2012 we recieved the 4th prize at the Jugend Forscht Germany final competition and a special award for computer science.

This included a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

Till Speicher and Paul Georg Wagner with Angela Merkel

Our meeting with Angela Merkel in Berlin

You can contact us at mail@typology.de



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