What are we doing?

We provide a new android keyboard, that uses our service to immediately give you word predictions really fitting your sentences while typing.
Try it out on our demopage!

Using our keyboard doesn’t spam your mobile phone with large dictionaries or make it slow, because all important calculation are done on our servers!
All you need is an internet connection.

Can you see my data then?

Every word you type is transmitted through an ssl connection to our server.
We anonymously store single words in our database in order to make our predictions better, but we don’t store complete sentences.
Things like passwords or personal data will not be transmitted.
You can also shut off the transmissions to our server at any time you want, but you won’t get good predictions then.

Why is typology better than current technologies?

Whenever there are predictions, there have to be training data.
For our predictions, we use Google n-grams datasets, which contain the statistical data of all Google Books aviable. At the moment, we have about 205.000 words in our database, way too much to store them on a mobile device. That’s because we provide an internet service to get predictions from this database.

But there’s more.
Current word-prediction-software use a statistical method called language models to predict words based on training datasets and the words you just typed.
We developed new algorithms, which are able to get more information out of the saved words than language models, so we get also better results.

How does this work now?

We don’t just use the words itself, but the relations between them in a set of sentences to create a graph. Basically, that’s our dictionary.

If you want more information about how typology works in detail, have a look at the following links:

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